Infant Day Care

Santa Clara, CA

Do you live in or around the Santa Clara area, and you are trying to find a good play school for your child to attend? Wouldn't you want to find an play school that has the best reputation, and the best facilities, so that you can ensure the proper education and treatment for your special little person? Well, you are in luck then, because Love and Laughter Daycare is just the school you were looking for. We are the number one preschool and play school in the Santa Clara area, and we would be delighted to help set your child down the path towards school success and growth!

Here at Love and Laughter Daycare, we know that having a great but still affordable day care and preschool facility is important to many of our parents. You really shouldn't have to pay some of the completely silly prices that other facilities charge, just to get your child a good experience. That is not what we are about here at Love and Laughter Daycare we keep our prices fair and competitive so that you can always get the kind of help that your child needs. We offer one of the best preschool and play school experiences around, and we do it for a price that you can actually feel good about.

So if you need to find an play school or a preschool in the Santa Clara area to give your child the best educational experience available, get in touch with Love and Laughter Daycare and we can give your little one the attention and care that all children deserve.